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 Just The Food Please, Not The Religious Or Philosophy Debate

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PostSubject: Just The Food Please, Not The Religious Or Philosophy Debate   Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:27 pm

There are loads of other forums and places in which to discuss religious or otherwise philosophical debate - here we just discuss the food, and perhaps some of the meaning behind the food (it is always great to expand one's mind as well as one's belt buckle). It just so happens that some of the world's best food is tradtionally based around feast days which also happen to be tradtionally celebrated on high festival days in religious calendars. And so all religions, faiths, and creeds have great food for their feasts.

Here we focus on the foods, and share the knowledge gained, if a little religion or philosophy creeps in, then that's fine, however, please do not abuse the forum by overtly preaching and of course especially preaching hate - you will be banned, without hesitation and your posts deleted. Why? Because its mostly pointless to say your faith / view / is the only accepted one, to someone who does not accept it. But food and the love of good cooking is universal and something most of us can agree on . . .

Liberal, Left Wing, Right Wing, Athiest, Priest, Guru . . . . come one come all, to discuss the food which makes up a great feast.

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Just The Food Please, Not The Religious Or Philosophy Debate
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